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Why South Korea is against the Olympic Alignment with North Korea?

Just before the Winter Olympics got started, there was a unique agreement made between both the North Korea and South Korea. The agreement said that North Korea is interested to participate in the South Korea game, going to be held at Pyeongchang.


South Korea


North Korea was ready to send in some high-ranking officials including the leader’s sister, one art troupe, and many groups of cheerleaders.


The main objective of this proposal was to represent one shared identity and also to cool up the ties that went sour due to political and military tensions across the border.

Why South Korea is against the Olympic Alignment with North Korea?


As soon as this news was out, many of the South Korean protestors from Seoul led a backlash on the street opposing this agreement. On top of that, even the South Korean President dropped down the rating for the same. The people who were gathered shouted ‘we oppose, we oppose’ and then set the North Korean flag on fire and also a photo of Kim Jong Un.


The requests don’t end there.


North Koreans were interested to join with South Korean’s Women Hockey Team and had a thought of playing the game unitedly. But there was as such no evidence which showed the North Korean players were deserving enough to play the game. Whereas all the South Korean players were set purely on the basis of merits.


This way, by joining both the teams – it would be an unfair thing to the South Korean players by replacing some of their notable players with the North Koreans. There are many hard-working players who have played for years and got the spot in the team. With this unfair joining, it would be a clear injustice to the South Koreans.


Whereas North Koreans won’t join the team due to their talent or dedication. But simply because some powerful, corrupt person wanted to happen so.


Though both the parties have a welcoming gesture towards each other, the combining of the two is less likely to happen soon. What are your thoughts on the hockey team proposal? Do you think the South Koreans took the right stand on it? Share in your thoughts in the comment space below.


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