Many of the new buyers at dollar stores are people who wouldn’t have established themselves ten years ago. Big chains had a reputation for doing dark business in ramshackle and criminal areas and selling 99 cents of items primarily to the poor. Large dollar retail chains have seized the opportunity to attract buyers from large retailers and supermarkets, modernize their stores, and expand their inventory to make them more attractive to midsize customers.

People migrated and stayed there, as per Joan Storms, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Storms said the chains had modernized stores to make good purchases and jobs.

When you bought these stores before, you felt really bad, said Storms. The shopping and work experience has improved significantly in recent years thanks to formatting, cleaning, and adding better products.

With an average annual salary of about $ 25,000, retail is one of the highest-paying jobs in the economy, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is well below what a family needs to feed in most parts of the country. Retail workers are unlikely to have employer health insurance because it is not available or because it is not affordable. (As a full-time employee, most dollar store managers have health insurance and other basic benefits.)

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This low compensation, mainly due to cheap prices demanded by consumers, has been an integral part of retail growth, including dollar stores. In the case of Dollar General, the company’s success has helped it become a leader in the private equity sector. When private equity was attacked as “vulture capitalism” in last year’s presidential election, an industry group said Dollar General had created more than 20,000 jobs since Kohlberg Kravis Roberts took office in 2007. (The company left the company stock exchange in 2009).

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However, the growth of dollar stores has led to a boom in disputes with employees at the lowest levels of company executives. In 2010 alone, more than 30 federal wages and hourly lawsuits were filed against the three largest retail chains, according to court records. Such measures are now common in all sectors, as workers sue employers under the Fair Labor Law. Above all, the world of dollar stores has become a breeding ground for accusations of unpaid workers.

For dollar retail chains, worker demands have simply been converted to business costs. Earlier this year, Tree employees issued the company for $ 6,000. They claimed that they were forced to take breaks, but had to continue working without paying for it.