FaceTime is now more important than ever and you can finally disable the most annoying feature: these shape-shifting bubbles.

Rather than carefully presenting each FaceTime PC participant’s diet, FaceTime presents everyone in little bubbles that change every time someone speaks. It looks bad and makes group calls with more than three or four people impossible.

With the new update to the Apple iOS 13.5 mobile operating system, you can finally disable annoying bubbles to resize FaceTime calls. Find out how.

Apple generally places a small red notification badge in the iOS settings app when an update is available. However, this is not always the case; sometimes you have to force yourself. In both cases, open the settings, scroll to “General” and click “Software Update” at the top of the next screen.

At this point, the iPhone is looking for a FaceTime PC update if there isn’t a list yet. Next, you must authorize the iPhone to download and install the update. Unfortunately, as you probably know, it can take forever. It may take 30 to 45 minutes before you can change this faceTime function.

FaceTime PC Benefits

Some of the major benefits of  using the FaceTime PC application are as follows:

  1. The FaceTime PC application allows you to make a high-quality video call. Thus, the fac of the person you are making a video call will be very much clear.
  2. The FaceTime PC also provides the group calling function. This function is one of the best provided by this application.
  3. The FaceTime PC is a highly encrypted portal. Thus, it is very much clear that you can trust this application to the fullest.
  4. Also, the installation steps of this application are very much easy. Thus, just by following some very basic steps, you can make a high-quality video call.
  5. FaceTime is one of the best when it comes to making an audio call. The sound of the person you are talking with via this app will be very much clear and audible.

You can continue to use the phone while this update is downloaded. However, it may be necessary to disable and restart it to install it. Don’t be surprised if that happens. You have to live without a phone for a while.

If the phone works again, you can fix FaceTime. Open the Settings app again and scroll down until FaceTime appears in the list of other standard apps provided with the iPhone. It will look like this:

In this menu, press FaceTime and scroll down until you see a setting called “Auto Highlight”. When this setting is enabled, people’s speech bubbles increase or decrease depending on who is speaking. Now you can turn it off.

At this point, your group’s FaceTime calls should seem a little less confusing. All pieces are now the same size, no matter who speaks. However, you can still touch a person’s mosaic to manually enlarge it when a baby or adorable pet or something like that is in view.

In addition to a potentially lengthy installation process for iOS 13.5, solving the biggest FaceTime PC issue is now fairly simple. So call your family, wash your hands, and be sure.

FaceTime PC is one of the best applications on the Google Play Store when it comes to making high-quality audio and video calls.

In addition to standard voice calls, you can also use the FaceTime PC  feature to make a video call on iPhone using another FaceTime PC or Mac device. Depending on the version of your iPhone, the requirements for using FaceTime vary. For iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, you need a Wi-Fi connection to use FaceTime. However, for iPhone 4S and later versions, you can use a mobile data connection in addition to Wi-Fi. There are three ways to activate FaceTime PC when using an iPhone.