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Now, sports is not a youth’s thing anymore! The number of senior people joining badminton and tennis courts has increased, just for one reason – to stay fit. To understand it better, you will have to do a comparison of how sports affect a person. (no matter what age)

Tennis Increase your Life Span

For now, we shall find out the tennis health benefits and know if it really helps with longevity.

How Playing Tennis Can Increase Your Life Span?

All the games that involve physical activity are good for your body. Hands down.

But not all of them necessarily increase your lifespan.

In the latest study conducted by the Mayo Clinic, they studied about 9000 people for a span of 25 years. They studied how they spent their lives, physical activities they did throughout their life till death. All the data were collected by the Copenhagen City Heart Study, that mainly does the work of heart study.

Some people died earlier, while some late, depending on various factors like sex, age, smoking, education status, income etc. If they are wealthy, then they could afford a tennis setup for stay fit and ageless.

The results were something like this – tennis 9.7 years, soccer 4.7 years, badminton 6.2 years.  This way, the study showed that tennis increases life and it’s true.

Yet, scientists and health experts haven’t yet proved or any evidence as to show a direct game-to-health relationship.

Having a social connection with the community and people around you have proved helpful too.

Professor Cathie Sherrington, a research person at the University of Sydney says – The  only thing that you need to remember is that exercising is good for the health, and one should do it as intense as they can.