“If you compete with someone who wins the award, you can win it in turn,” said Brown of Cushman & Wakefield. It is an advantage to meet people and they always offer good service. Dollar stores are not known to offer great service.

Dollar General is still new to North Dakota, so it is too early to say how the chain will impact in the long term. Many still fear its influence.

The chain opened in Langdon earlier this month, and a retailer, Langdon’s General Store, has already announced that it will close later this year. The store is similar to Dollar General, but cannot keep up with the price.

Further west of Cando, local officials say a developer representing Dollar General has bought the only motel in town and plans to start a business there. Dollar officials will not discuss the company’s future plans but admitted that the city is currently under investigation.

Cando, 1,116 residents, is an unusually healthy little town with attractive and active residential streets that lack many cities of similar size, including an active art council and a publicly owned auditorium with old movies and films. produced a live theater on site.

The city’s three-story shopping district has several empty facades, but there is still a www.dgcustomerfirst.com supermarket, pharmacy, hardware store, cafeteria, insurance and banking agents, an auto parts store, and two bars. The city center is crowded Monday through Friday, with many cars in front of stores and people talking on the sidewalks.

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However, residents fear this will change as soon as the dollar opens. The property you need to build on the US highway is typical of your strategies for locating businesses on major highways and outside of the city. 281 at the southern end of the city.

Chuck Wilson, a businessman and member of the Cando City Council, says the developer of Dollar General tried to buy two more properties, “but people refused to sell them. They didn’t want them to be sold.” City.”

Wilson has a www.dgcustomerfirst.com workshop and kindergarten with his wife. You can see that Dollar General is damaging the kindergarten, which maintains basic garden supplies such as flower pots. Recently, supermarket and pharmacy owners voiced opposition to Dollar General at a city council meeting.

Obstacles to www.dgcustomerfirst.com development are minimal in small cities. As long as the General Dollar Store meets the rudimentary building requirements, the chain can be installed in Cando, even if elected officials and residents are against it.

I don’t think there is any way to stop them from telling the truth, Wilson said. “It will hurt on the main street. Too bad it happens.”