The Origin

Hey everyone, this is Stevie and I am so thankful to one and all for visiting the website. We all love sports in one form or the other. Some may enjoy playing tennis, while the other person will like baseball instead. Even amidst the diversity, you will find one thing common among all – and that’s the Love for Sport.

I had a thing for football, and my friend Alice – we both have spent half of our childhood playing different sports together. We joined together back again on the sports, but this time in an online way!

Our Team

I am Stevie M. Bradley, and along with me is Alice P. Sizemore who reviews all the content posted here. Currently, we two are only working on the website.

What is all about?

Football and Tennis are the main focus, but we don’t want to put any limit as such.

If you want to get all the UEFA updates or the get the Live Score updates of the Russian Premier League – then you can tune in to our website!

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