Lowe, Texas, warms hearts across the country by deciding to hire the last two employees: a disabled veteran and his service dog.

Abilene Reporter-News reported that Charlotte, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever, was trained to help her partner Clay Luthy, a former C-130 cargo captain in the US Air Force. The USA, to fall. Due to knee injuries, Luthy has had five operations and is unable to bend her left knee.

I have [Charlotte] as a puppy and I should never be a service dog, Luthy told KIDY. I found out a few years ago that I was scared and didn’t even know it.”

“We went through the interview process and Clay and his own income won the job,” Fellers told KIDY.  And we knew he would be a great employee. We only had the advantage of bringing Charlotte with us.”

A photo of Luthy and Charlotte in their Lowe’s red vests has gone viral on Facebook and has received approximately 136,000 likes since it was posted Tuesday by an Abilene Lowe customer.

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A New Jersey couple was arrested after taking advantage of a website mistake to have lowes employee login hardware stores steal and resell items for more than $ 250,000 online.

On Tuesday, Kimy Velázquez (40) and Romela Velázquez (24) from the Brick community were accused of theft, fraud, and cybercrime. Police said they exploited a security vulnerability on the store’s website that allowed them to send products home without paying. Investigators who issued a search warrant at his home earlier this month said authorities had found enough stolen property to fill a six-meter tag.

Some of the larger items, many of which were still in the box, were recovered by the police, including:

  • A stainless steel Weber grill
  • An aluminum canopy
  • Honda lawn mower
  • LG portable air conditioner
  • A Dewalt electric washing machine
  • Various boxes of Ugg boots
  • 70 ” Vizio LED Smart TV
  • A Sony surrounds sound system with 4 speakers.
  • A Nikon D5000 camera
  • Three Dyson Ball vacuums
  • Several disassembled furniture boxes.
  • About $ 2,500 in Victoria’s Secret underwear

Prosecutors allege that Romela Velázquez exploited the vulnerabilities on Lowe’s website to send the products home, and then posted several stolen items on a local Facebook “buy and sell” page. Items are generally listed as “new in a box” and for less than half the normal retail price.

Romela Velázquez has been lowes employee login who was of criminal computer activity for making an attempt to use a computer system for fraud, second-degree theft for attempted fraud to get the assets with a total value of approximately $ 258,068.01, and third-degree theft for fraud without payment.

Kimy Velázquez was accused of receiving stolen property and fences. He was released from a conviction for a future trial, while Romela Velázquez was detained pending trial.

Investigators are investigating whether the couple replicated the alleged plan on other retailers’ websites, which could lead to additional fees.